Moan Glitch

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This page documents an analysis of the infamous softlock that can be caused by killing Priscilla instantaneously with the first hit.

Basic Description

The Moan Glitch can happen when the player deals a lot of damage to Priscilla by using Dark Bead when in Red Tearstone Ring (RTSRRed Tearstone Ring) range and kills her instantly. It causes Priscilla's dialogue to loop and stops the player from leaving the Painted World of Ariamis. Any attempt to leave (Darksign, Homeward Bone or death) will spawn the player back at the start of the area and Priscilla will still be looping her dialogue when the player returns to the boss zone. This effectively stops any speedrun that needs to kill her since the player cannot leave and finish the game anymore. There is no known way to fix the glitch once it occurred.

Order of Executed Events and Flags

Order without Moan Glitch






00000004 (priscilla death)


Order with Moan Glitch

00001692 (Priscilla's health reaches 0)

00001691 (Priscilla is hostile, this prevents the exit from being active!) (new)

11100531 (Priscilla is dead in some way?)

11100530 (Priscilla is alive in some way? "Half dragon casu exclusive hostile" -> Alive and hostile?) (new)

11105392 (Switch from NPC to boss? "1st boss starts to move")

11105396 (Deals with tailcut and other stuff)

11105396 (Deals with tailcut and other stuff)

00000004 (Priscilla is considered dead, bossfight is over, gets set in 11100000)

11100000 (Kill function)

Cause of the Moan Glitch

Hypothesis on the Potential Trigger