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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it faster to talk to or to kill Oscar, Knight of Astora?

Talking to him is 2 seconds faster, but you really need to mash the PS3 Cross.png | X360 Button a.png button through the dialogue.

How do you perform the double hit on the Asylum Demon?

Perform a jumping attack from the balcony (left Analog stick up + PS3 R2.png | X360 Trigger right.png).

Why do speedrunners stay at such low health most of the time or try to get hit purposefully?

This is to trigger Red Tearstone Ring (RTSR) which most of the time doubles your damage output.

Wouldn't it be faster to activate the Daughter of Chaos bonfire, so you can warp to it later on the way to The Bed of Chaos?

No. If you sit at the bonfire to make it warpable, you lose the ability to warp to either Firelink Shrine or Undead Parish by using a Homeward Bone. Climbing out of Blighttown takes a very long time compared to dropping down.

In All Bosses routes, why is Ceaseless Discharge not killed by hitting his hand and making him fall off the ledge?

This method of killing him would require you to run all the way back to the foggate and wait for him to follow you and jump, which takes longer than to kill him with just pure damage.

In Any% routes, why do you shoot an arrow somewhere before rolling through lava in the Demon Ruins?

Shooting that arrow attracts the Capra Demon at the other side of the lava and makes him fall to his death. Dealing with him while performing the Ceaseless Skip is painful and slow.

Why is Dragonslayer Ornstein killed first?

He has less health than Executioner Smough, and Super Ornstein moves fast and can be very difficult to hit. Additionally he has infinite poise making it impossible to stagger him whereas on Smough this can be done easily.

What is the purpose of dropping an item during the Four Kings encounter?

It helps marking the approximate place where the second king will spawn.

Why do you sometimes use the Darksign immediately after killing a boss?

By doing this you instantly return to your last bonfire without needing to use/dupe a Homeward Bone while still receiving the souls for killing the boss, since most of the time you receive them only a few seconds after the "Victory Achieved" message appears.

Why do you kill Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight? And what does the Homeward Bone do right after killing her?

If you kill her, you receive the Lordvessel without the need to go through a lengthy dialogue with her. In All Bosses routes, turning Anor Londo dark also enables you to fight Dark Sun Gwyndolin without collecting the Darkmoon Seance Ring from the Catacombs. If you use a Homeward Bone right after her last death particles disappear (stay close to her during this), you can skip a message box that prevents any other action for about 5 seconds.

Why do you sometimes Save & Quit before killing Ingward, and sometimes not?

Quitting out before Ingward resets the aggro of the ghosts. This is necessary when you are not able to kill Ingward fast enough. Routes that use the standard Firebombs need to quit out, the ones using Black Firebombs do not.

In Any% routes, why do you not pick up the Humanities in Firelink Shrine to get a higher droprate for the BKHBlack Knight Halberd?

Picking up extra Humanities is time consuming. Besides the fact that only the first Humanity increases the dropchance by a significant amount, you don't want to base a route around how much you need to farm, you want to base it around how fast you can get.

In Any% routes, why do you sometimes kill Oswald of Carim?

Killing Oswald is the fastest way to get 2000 souls after killing the Belfry Gargoyles. This can be skipped if the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier on the way to the Black Knight is successfully duped two times.

Where can I get In-Game Time PlugIn for LiveSplit?

See this page.