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Bloodborne is a 3D Action RPGRoleplaying Game developed by FromSoftware Inc. with gameplay/setting comparable to Dark/Demon's Souls. It was released in March 2015 exclusively for the Playstation 4. DLCDownloadable Content named The Old Hunters was released in November 2015, bosses included are mandatory for All Bosses runs.


  • Any%: Triggering the end credits as quickly as possible.
  • Any% (Current Patch): Triggering the end credits as quickly as possible on the current patch.
  • All Bosses: Triggering the end credits as quickly as possible after defeating every boss enemy except the chalice dungeons in the game.

Timing Rules

Any%: The run time for non-single character runs is counted as the In-game time (IGTIn-Game Time) of both character save file combined, for single character runs, it's simply the IGTIn-Game Time of your file. RTA is optional.

All Bosses: The final time (IGTIn-Game Time) is as follows: After killing Moon Presence, remember to obtain the boss' blood echoes as usual and then quit the game before the final black screen if possible. In case it's not possible, force quit the game using the PS4 dashboard (use the OPTION button when having the game application selected to bring up the menu), and finally booting up the menu to see the state of the save file.

Glitches, Skips & Methods used in Dark Souls III

  • Item Dupe: By having a second character with a single item in the storage, it is possible to transform an item into 98 of the same. (Fixed in 1.02)
  • Old Yharnam Skip: The Old Yharnam Skips are a series of skips in which the player exploits the vertical geography of the level in order to bypass entire sections of the area.
  • Lunarium Key Skip: The Lunarium Key Skip is a skip in which the player exploits the location of an enemy and the level's geography in order to skip getting the Lunarium Key.
  • Yahar'gul Skip: The Yahar'gul Skip is a skip in which the player exploits the geometry of the level in order to clip out of bounds and avoid traversing through a large majority of the level.

  • Lecture Hall Skip: The Lecture Hall Skip is a skip allowing the player to bypass the second floor of the Lecture Hall in order to reach the Nightmare Frontier (Amygdala) faster.
  • Orphan Skip: The Orphan Skip is a skip allowing the player to skip a large portion of the Fishing Hamlet in order to reach the Orphan of Kos boss fight faster.

Specific glitches

  • During the Vicar Amelia fight, it is possible to exit the game and upon reloading the save, the player character is still inside the boss arena, but Amelia's AI is not engaged, thus guaranteeing a free kill. (Fixed in 1.07)


  • Central Yharnham: In the place with caged dogs, the player can climb a stack of suitcases and then jump onto a wall and from there onto the fence, and then down to the final bridge that leads to Father Gascoigne. Not working in 1.00. Demonstration by Hantz
  • Old Yharnam: By jumping onto a lower part from where you first get shot by the gatling gun, the player can access the lowest street with the Wolf Beasts.
  • Forbidden Woods: A jump in the pit with the Scurrying Beast and 2 (3?) Carrion Crows relatively early lets the player go OoBOut of Bounds and access the street with the cannon.
  • Rom jump: By jumping over the railing next to the Moonlit Lake, it's possible to enter the Rom, the Vacuous Spider fight without going all the way up in the building to open the door.
  • Yahar'gul skip: TBA

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