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The TearDrop is a glitch in Dark Souls III which lets the player bypass death barriers.
It's activated using Tears of Denial spell bought from: Irina of Carim for 10000 souls after she is given the Carim Tome.
It was found by user Bloodshed Novelsand.

  • The glitch is Patched in V1.06
  • It can be used to skip main story progress like the Small Doll, see Doll Skip

What is Teardrop?

The TearDrop glitch is used in parts of the world where the player falls off is supposed to die due to a death animation, but instead,
the death animation is not triggered because some object (whether this be a rock or a some invisible platform to stand on) blocks the player from falling to death.

After the player falls down and lands on the object, Tears of Denial can be casted and the player can walk or backstep off the object or invisible platform to surpass the death zone.
In most cases, a quit out of the game happens right after the drop and loading the game again to reset the camera angle back to default.

To summarize the glitch, it can be broken down in three phases:

  • Phase 1: The player jumps / falls / lands on an object which passes the Death Animation without actually triggering the Death itself. The object in place blocks the player from falling to death.
  • Phase 2: The player spawns back to reset the camera angle back to normal. Normally, the camera angle changes to a top angle when falling to death while ending in the: "YOU DIED" message in the screen. By quitting out and spawning back in, the camera resets back to normal values. This is also known as a Deathcam.
  • Phase 3: The player casts Tears of Denial and walks off past the Killbox to bypass it, leaving the player alive with 0HP in a state where collision, gravity and player models are not loaded (The player is invisible) (TearDrop State). In this state, the player can freely roam OoBOut of Bounds until the player actually dies, or quits out and loads back in to reset the game values.

Things to know about TearDrop

  • All Player Gravity is negated in TearDrop. Everything which does not affect the player directly stay normal. Solid objects remain solid (Such as Walls / Pillars) and can be used to decrease and increase height in the TearDrop state.
  • All values in terms of taking damage by enemies and doing damage with weapons remain the same as normal in TearDrop. You are not any stronger or weaker in TearDrop.
  • You survive in TearDrop in 0HP. Without healing, the game assumes you are dead and you are therefor not able to open the Start Menu / Inventory until you are back on 1+ HP. (Normally, having Anri's Straight Sword equipped will get you health back fast)
  • TearDrop is often confused with crashing the game. The actual glitch does not crash the game. Its the player's state in combination with world progress and hitting load triggers that the game requires you to be in which can corrupt Game Memory and cause the game to crash. Such as hitting a load trigger for an area to load which is normally not done in OoBOut of Bounds, but in the actual world itself.


Various different locations are known useful for using Teardrop to skip (large) portions of the world progress, thus being useful in multiple categories.

Farron Keep Skip

Irithyll Skip (To Yhorm the Giant)

Irithyll Skip (To Pontiff Sulyvahn)

Irithyll Skip (To Aldrich, Devourer of Gods)

Wolnir Skip (to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley)

Dancer Skip

Dragonslayer Skip

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Experimental Teardrops

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