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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Teardrop?


How does the 'timer' work?

Dark Souls 3 speedruns are timed using a IGTIn-Game Time plugin for LiveSplit made by Jiiks. Note this has to be activated manually before it works. The timer stops automatically whilst in loading screens, and in the Main Menu of the game. Some Loading screens are not counted for.

What is the best way to learn Dark Souls 3 Speedruns?

Pick a category. Learn the routes. Use the Save Organizer to make Save files. Practice bosses. Watch video's. Experiment yourself. Don't hang on to what other runners do but find out what works best for you.

Any difference in playing with Controller of Keyboard?

Neither one is faster then another. Its all personal preference. Some setups are easier with Keyboard.

Does all bosses include optional bosses?


How do I get better at setting up Firebomb skips such as Roof Skip ?

Consider installing Durazno and check out setups of other runners and how they set it up.

Why do I have to downpatch my game and how do I do it?

Some categories such as Any% and Any% No TearDrop are done on an older version because of certain glitches and skips which only work on a specific version of the game. The Dark Souls III Downpatcher can be used to downpatch your game to an earlier version. Check the page for all the information.