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Any% Current Patch

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Dark Souls III Any% Current Patch is a speedrun category in which the player tries to complete the game as fast as possible.
The difference to the normal Any% is that the TearDrop glitch, amongst others, is impossible here. This category requires running on the latest version of Dark Souls III

Getting Started


Dark Souls III Leaderboard

The world record is 42:48 IGTIn-Game Time by Fudgecow (YouTube).

Route Estimated possible time Current Record Runner VODVideo on Demand
Sellsword Twinblades - 42:48 Fudgecow YouTube

Skips, Glitches and Methods used in Any% Current Patch

Bridge Skip
Doll Skip
Irithyll Skip
Spook Quitouts
Place Souls Skip
Farron Keep Skip
Watchers Glitch