Orphan Skip

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The Orphan Skip is a skip in Bloodborne that allows you to skip a large portion of the Fishing Hamlet in order to reach the Orphan of Kos boss-fight faster.

The skip is located a little bit after the second lantern in the Fishing Hamlet (Lighthouse Hut). The player walks near the wooden village area and falls down to a lower area underneath. From there you're able to use the collision of the nearby rocks to jump out of bounds and jump into the area right before the Orphan fight. It is possible to softlock in this area if you do the skip incorrectly (this means you are forced to use the Hunter's Mark or Bold Hunter's Mark to free yourself).


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ3mK9kTYbU Orphan Skip video by えびふらい/ebiflynageruyo